Hello and welcome to The Felix Legion Guild site.

To all Members, The Felix Legion have moved to Draenor and so far so good. The guild needs a fresh start and why not on a friendly realm with a large and nice horde population. The guild will consist mostly of friends and keep a good atmosphere, we will be very selective and only recruit what we really need, hopefully not many. We want to keep the guild small, 50 maybe 60 max, in order to keep a relaxed, intimate and friendly envoirment. Most sucessful guilds have very small membership, we had a big guild on Alonsus, I can see why downsizing is better, we will do intances and raids and ofc enjoy cataclysm but we will be doing this with good people we can trust and rely on.

Long Live The Legion


Please feel free to email thefelixlegion@gmail.com with any questions about the guild.


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