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re: Warrior Application - Maciej (Worldmaster)

Hey m8,thanks for your application,our guild activity has dropped off alot in the past few weeks,however things starting to pick up a bit now as we have teamed up with another guild for raids. You come across as a decent guy in your application and we would be happy for you to join us and help us to push fwd again. I try to log most days usually in the evening,I have many toons so just /w me on Helltaz or Ghizzmo, these are the 2 i generally play.



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re: Warrior Application - Maciej (Worldmaster)

Your Name: Maciej
Real Life Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nationality: Polish
Toon name: Worldmaster
Level: 83+
Character Spec: Furry
Profession/Skill Level: Blacksmithing/mining/first aid. link:
Armory link:

Defence Rating :
Armor Amount : 15926
Health Unbufed : 64500
Attack Power : 4650
Hit Rating : 5,94
Crit % : 20,33

All 25 man raid times are Draenor Server Time (PST)
19.30 - 24.00*st

Are you able to make these raid times ?

Raids can go past scheduled times are u willing to continue after 24.00st?
No problem Happy

What is your personal raiding experience?
I have done raids in classic WoW, long time ago, as also done in BC,... had a brake in wow
for a year or 2 (can't even remember) thus no raids in WotLK. Came back to game recently Happy
What are your past guilds and why did you leave?
I been in few guilds can't remember them all as they were not a big deal, had my own aswell. The one that i have been for a long time in Alonsus server was Omen guild.

What do you feel you can bring to the guild?
Dedicated DPS warrior ;), as well as some fun, knowledge, perhaps help if needed by other members Happy

What would you like to gain from joining TFL?
Good mates to talk to, and raid with ;)

Are you applying for any other guilds if so who?

Who do you know in The Felix Legion?
No one yet

Do you have Ventrilo as this is a vital raiding tool?
Used one, recently formatted my PC so dont have one atm, but no problem installing it back.

Do you play on the weekends?
I play wow most of the time including weekends
Tell us abit about yourself:
I'm a 21 year old studying in London Computer Science,(nationality Polish). I love good music ;), rock, metal, classical, dance, trance etc. ( dont really like R and B ). I also play on guitar, ski in winter season. I also like to play poker, and many other card games, American pool, Tenis.(well i like most of the sports basketball, volleyball, swimming,bike,football,) I'm always friendly and helpful as much as i can in any way. I always try my best in whatever i'm doing to try and achieve best possible result.

Anything else you wish to mention (Optional)?
Not really Happy i just want my application to be considered and probably accepted Happy. Other than that just wish everyone to have a good time!

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